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The Cheshire South Circuit exists to enable people within its Mission Areas to make new followers of Jesus Christ and to encourage all to grow in Christian discipleship. It seeks to inspire and enable people to worship and serve God and to share God's love with all.

There are more than 1,500 Methodist members in the Circuit, belonging to 32 different churches. The Circuit deploys a staff team of presbyters and lay persons — under the leadership of Superintendent, Rob Hilton — that works alongside numerous committed volunteers.

The Cheshire South Circuit offers worship (in many different styles), opportunities to deepen and share faith, the chance to work together on different projects, along with a warm welcome and genuine friendship. The Circuit is a Fairtrade circuit.

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Coming events

Thy Kingdom Come
Today 2:00pm

Nantwich Methodist Church, Hospital St. — Come and be inspired and equipped to enable your church to participate in Thy Kingdom Come.

Venue: Nantwich Methodist Church, Hospital Street, Nantwich

To book:

See poster on website

Lent Soup and Study
Tomorrow 12:00pm

Englesea Brook and Museum — An opportunity to meet for sharing, discussion and Bible Study. Starts with bread and homemade soup.
All are welcome:

26 February — Ash Wednesday Reflections
4 March — The Sower
11 March — Treasure, pearls & Nets
25 March — THe King and the Debtor
1 April — Labourers in the Vineyard

NOTE — There is no meeting on 18 March.

February Booksale
28th February 2020 10:00am

Hassall Road Bookshop — FEBRUARY BOOKSALE.
At last we have organised the Book Sale of boxes of books for February 'see enclosed list. Since March 2012 we have opened the Methodist Chapel at Hassall Road, Alsager (part of the Cheshire South Circuit) for Second Hand Book sales. The Chapel is situated on the edge of Alsager only 2 miles from Junction 16 of the M6. The chapel was redundant but it is proving a useful 'Fresh Expression'. There are over 50,000 books in subject order and there is everything from Early History to modern Paperbacks.We have taken out most of the pews and installed bookshelves in the church and schoolroom. We also have two sheds for extra books. All the profits from book sales help support Englesea Brook Museum. This is a place where you can explore the story of working-class religion in the 19th century particularly as it was experienced by a group called the Primitive Methodists. There are books on Christianity and Theology with particularly strong sections on Methodist and Anglican Theology. We have over 300 Bible commentaries as well as sections on Worship/Bible Studies/Preaching/Music and also sections on Healing/Evangelism/ Leadership Spirituality/Pastoral/ Ethics/ Church History/Christian Biography. We have a large Methodist collection which contains over 500 church histories/Methodist history throughout the world/John Wesley-Biographies/journals etc. Also local histories of chapels etc.� Not to be forgotten are the good sections on History, Art, Poetry, Gardening, Classics, Local History, Travel, Geography, Childrens' books and an extensive area devoted to Crime (over 1000 books) and General Fiction. The customers have commented that they like the fact that books are in subject order and even for fiction 'alphabetical!! Refreshments are available and there is a place to relax and read. We are fortunate that people give us the books and we have been blessed with the donations of clergy when they retire.We are blessed with a team of volunteers who work tirelessly arranging and selling the books, moving boxes and making tea and occasionally serving cakes to customers!� They come from all denominations and all have a love of books and working in the shop.We have found that it is not only a bookshop but a real 'Fresh Expression' of the church with the conversations we have with customers. One of our most popular sellers is Bibles. We have probably 40 different versions at any one time-(All new or nearly new). People come and ask questions. We can share our faith when we are asked to and customers like the friendly atmosphere.We have services at special times in the chapel (the organ is still working).We are fully ecumenical with volunteers drawn from all denominations and none. The Theological range of the books is wide from Anglican Divines to Evangelical and modern church writing.We open Friday and Saturday each week 10am-2pm, all Bank Holidays. It is a poor week if less than 50 people visit the bookshop. We don't throw books away to landfill but some go to Africa and others are pulped to go to making new books. Books can be accepted, but we don't usually collect unless it is a special library. KEEP IN TOUCH. You really need to visit the Emporium if you can. Let us know what you are interested in and we will send E-mail alerts when books come in on your subject. Why not keep in touch by our Blog on Facebook. Books and special sales will be advertised there. The Emporium is certainly worth a visit, you never know what you may find! Open Fridays & Saturdays 10am-2-pm also Bank Holiday Mondays.Facebook page: alsagerbookemporimforengleseabrookIf you don't want to receive these e.mails(about 2/3 a year) let us know and we will delete you from our mailing list. Rev Malcolm Lorimer.

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